I have traveled a lot over a period of 30 years of my life. While doing this, I have gathered a vast knowledge bank about the fundamentals of travel. During this time, I have also made my fair share of mistakes while travelling. Overpaying, visa troubles,  unknowingly breaking the law when traveling to a new country, and the list just goes on. 

So now I thought I should put all that information to use and help my fellow Indian travelers to avoid the same mistakes that I made.  

That is why I have started planning trips and making itineraries for people who are interested in my kind of travel. That is going off the beaten path. Trying new things, experiencing local flavors and breaking the stereotypes of traditional package based traveling that the Indian public is used to.  I have already planned a number of trips for my clients.  

So if you want me to completely plan your trip and design a personalized itinerary that suits your interests, get in touch me. My contact details are here


PS: I am not a travel agent. I will not book things for you. I can plan your itinerary, research on the place you want to go to and suggest the best places to see and places to stay so that you can have the peace of mind. 

All this does come at a price. It depends on the number of days for your trip and many other factors. For a detailed quote, get in touch with me here