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So I am 30 Years old now, and have been traveling since the age of 15. Mostly all of my adult life. Here are a few glimpses of the places I have been to. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have doubts about any of these places or any other place in general, I will be more than happy to help you out with your travels.   

Ladakh – Himalayas – 2011 (Mumbai – Ladakh bike trip)ย 

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Back in 2011, when ladakh was a "true" haven, I took a bike trip across ladakh on a bike I used in medical college to get from clinics to hospitals to lectures. . . This place was truly special. Not that it is not special now, but I would be lieing if I said that it has not lost its charm with overtourism. . . Upon approaching the lake, I saw a nice strip of land just edging into the lake. I knew I wanted to go there the moment I saw it. I parked my bike, took of my gloves, helmet and let the cool breeze run over my face accompanied by the sound of waves rolling on the banks. These were some of the bluest waters I had ever seen. . . I spent 20 minutes just staring into the lake. Eventually, the rest of my group came one by one to just stand on this strip and take some memorable photos. We stayed overnight on the lake in a shared tent that cost 350 INR per night along with a couple of Brits and Israelis. . . I know this place is not the same now, but I hope it still awes me the next time I visit it. . P.S. Make sure to check out rest of the photos from this post. They are my some of my favourite photos from the trip. . . #ladakh_lovers #ladakhtourism #ladakhphotography #ladakhdiaries #ladakhdiaries #ladakh #lehladakh #pangonglake #pangong #pangongtso #trellcommunity #tripotocommunity #thrillophilia #captureatrip #indiapictures #indianphotography #indiaphotosociety #india_gram #india_clicks #india_ig #motorcyclediaries #biketrip #travelphotography #indiatravelgram #indiatravel #indiatourism #travelvlog #travelblog #indiantraveler #indiantraveller #indianyoutuber

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Mt. Everest Base Camp –ย  2013

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With this photo we are starting our 10 day trek to Everest Base Camp. Check the third image in the post to understand the stops and itinerary . . On day 1 we fly out from Kathmandu and fly to the most dangerous airport in the world called as Lukla. The airport is literally between the mountains, on an incline and has the shortest runway. If you don't believe me, just look up Lukla airport on google. Also photos 4 and 5 will show you in this post. . Once you get down at Lukla, you start hiking to a small village on the EBC trail called as Pakding. This hike is relatively easy and more of a descent. You get your first views of Mount Everest as you can see behind me in the photo. There are no words to describe the feeling when you see Mount Everest for the first time from a distance. Even though we were 55 Km away, it still looked soo big. As you can see in the remaining photos, I was so happy to reach Lukla and to get the trek started. I had been preparing for this since a very long time. . . Night at Pakding. Next post all about reaching Namche Bazaar. . . PS : I don't know if tou guys noticed, but even back then, I still had a relatively heavy camera bag to take photos and memories from the trip. At such high altitudes, it is such an effort to carry even the smallest of things. I carried 1 DSLR and 2 lenses along with my water and rest of the essentials for the hike. The passion to share travel stories started much much before the youtube channel. . . #tripotocommunity #thrillophilia #captureatrip #everest #everestbasecamp #mounteverest #everestbasecamptrek #indiantrekkers #indianhikes #himalayas #nepal #nepaltravel #nepaldiaries #nepaltrekking #adrenalinejunkie #hikersofinstagram #trek #indiantraveler #indiantraveller #nepalphotography #everestbasecamptrekking #trellcommunity #wanderon #chora #indiantravelvlogger #travelvlog #indiantravelblogger #indianyoutuber #himalayan #hike

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Bhutan (Indo – Bhutan bike expedition) 2013 

15 Days biking through Assam, Arunachal – Tawang – Kaziranga, Meghalaya

North East India ( 7 sisters bike trip) – 2013


Chiang Mai – Thailand –ย  2016ย 

Singapore – 2018 

Austria – 2014 ( Self Drive Road Trip ) 


Switzerland –  2014 (Self Drive Road Trip)


Seychelles – 2016 

Spiti Valley , Himachal Pradesh, India – 2015ย 

Maldives – 2017

First international trip after marriage with my travel buddy for life

Hungary – 2017 (Self Drive Road Trip)

Slovakia – 2017 (Self Drive Road Trip)

Self Drive road trip through less explored parts of Europe

United Arab Emirates –  2014

Second abroad trip filled with shopping and amazing luxury in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Malaysia – 2010

An obvious trip when visiting Singapore. it was my first international trip

Coorg 2018

During the peak of monsoon we drove 1300 KM across the country to visit Coorg and Goa

Kerala – 2019

This trip was made in collaboration with Hotel Forte Kochi and Kumarakom Lake Resort.

Bali -2018

A spontaneous trip to Bali. It happened as we did not get a New Zealand visa, The spontaneity made this trip amazing

Ireland 2019

15 days self drive road trip through one of the most scenic countries in the world

Japan 2019

15 day train trip through the heart of Japan

Luxury Resorts

During my travels I have had the opportunity to stay at some amazing Luxury resorts. This is a playlist to all of them.

Apart from all this have been to almost all parts of India (Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, South India,ย  Diu, Goa, Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhandย  just to name a few.ย  Feel free to join the blog and subscribe to my YouTube Channel for comprehensive guides on how to travel to all these places especially for the Indianย traveler

7 Replies to “My Travels”

  1. I wanted to plane a trip of japan and I wanted to travel from Tokyo to Osaka but I have some doughts exchange:Am I have to take a bag of notes with me or any other way
    2.where to activate rail pass to book train with rail pass. Can I book the train any train from any station or I have to book all trains at once.
    4.where to find Airbnb.


    1. Questions to all these answers can be found in all my Japan videos

      Watch them carefully. All answers are there. Link below.

      In addition you can purchase my Japan excel sheet from the service tab on the website


  2. Hey! Absolutely love your content. Kudos! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am planning a trip to Ireland around April-May 2022. Was hoping if you could help me understand on the timeline for Visa receipt since I hear they are very slow to process and could take months.
    It would be great if you could share an excel sheet of your itinerary. Loved the fact you rented a self drive, my husband and I are planning to do something similar.

    It would really help us make our travel plan solid.
    Thanks in advance!



  3. Hi Doc
    I’m planning for a trip to Japan or Ireland in October. I would be happy if you could share the excel sheet for your Japan and Ireland tour as it it would guide to plan my trip

    Sailesh Nair


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