India’s Most Luxurious Resort – Evolve Back, Coorg – Complete Experience and Impressions

In the monsoon of 2018 I had the chance to visit one of India’s most luxurious resorts, Evolve Back, Coorg.   In this blog I want to share with you guys, all of my experiences and impressions of the resorts that I got during my 3 day stay there. 

 The resort is located just a few kilometers from the small town of Madikeri. The entire resort spreads across 20 acres of land. It is surrounded by dense forest, coffee and rice plantations. It really gives you a feeling of seclusion from rest of the world.   




The resort’s main philosophy is what they like to call as sustainable tourism. They believe in renewable energy, no use of plastics and minimal water wastage. Believe me when i say this, they don’t even have plastic pens on the entire property. They have their very own water recycling plant within the resort, and RO plants for drinking water in each and every room. 

The name evolve back comes from the thought process that we as humans are striving so hard in search for the perfect life which is mainly material , that sometimes we forget, true happiness can only be found when your are one with nature as you are also a part of it.  The resort is built around this basic idea which makes you feel as close to nature as possible. 


The resort has 4 different kinds of villas. Each varies in size, amenities and cost per night.  We stayed at the lily pool villa which was simply breathtaking. The villa is seriously massive, with 2600 Sq. feet of area there is just so much space around. There is ample light and views and tress and plants from wherever you are in the villa. May it be the bathroom, the bedroom or the balcony. 

The room has one massive bedroom with beautiful windows through which you can see the rain poring over the freshly cut grass.   Adjacent to the bedroom is an open to air bathroom which really relaxes you when you are taking a bath.   The living room is spacious and it has unlimited supplies of fresh fruits, coffee, minibar which is all included in the cost of the room. The over all attention to detail is impeccable. I received a personalized letter from the manager asking me about my drive a he knew that i self drove all the way from home. The room service is also done two times a day. The head of house-keeping would as me if i wanted the room to be decorated or even scented in a particular way which i liked.  Now that is taking house-keeping to another level. The sounds of rain and birds chirping is omnipresent wherever you are in the villa. Once you come out to the patio you are greeted by a kick-ass infinity pool which is heated by the way and surrounded by water lilies. Next to the pool is small hut with a cosy bed where you can sit sipping a hot cup of coffee, reading a book and listen to rain pour over the pool.  This was by far one of the best places that I had ever stayed in.   



The resort has 3 restaurants. The Granary, The Peppercorn –  South Indian Veg/Non Veg and The Plantain Leaf restaurant which is pure Veg. All your meals breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepaid and included in the cost of the room. The food was so authentic and delicious that it would leave us wanting for more every time. We would always keep looking forward o the next meal as the food is exquisite. Our stomachs would fill up but our hearts kept wanting for more. Every restaurant has it own vibe and feel to it. The head chef was so generous and caring, he would come up to us randomly during all meals and ask us how the food was and if there was anything else we wanted made or changed according to our taste and liking. This was pampering and spoiling to another level. The kitchen is open 24 hours a day and you can request them to make anything that your heart desires at anytime of the day. LITERALLY ANYTHING  ! ! !



After all this, even if you do get bored there are tons of other activities you can indulge yourself in.  There is reading lounge overlooking rice field where you can curl up into a big armchair reading a book with unlimited supplies of fresh, homemade, authentic filter coffee. 

Along with this they have many group activities that are going on throughout the resort where you can mingle with other guests. Early in the morning you can go for bird watching where the local guide takes you through dense forests tho discover local species of birds. Others can also opt for cycle rides to a nearby village to witness how a  mornings are spent in a typical south Indian village. If that does not interest you, people can also opt for plantation walk where guide talks to you about the different species of plants on the property and also how coffee is made. He takes you through a journey of the coffee plant from the soil all the way to your cup.  

Once you are tired from all this you can really unwind at the Ayurvedic centre (Vaidyashala). The staff there is very professional and well trained. They understand your needs very well and two people massage you in a sync till you feel completely relaxed.  This experience is a must do for all the people coming here and i highly recommend it 

Overall we had the best time of our lives and will not be forgetting his experience anytime soon. The place really takes you back to your human roots and makes you realize that how being close to nature helps you to truly find yourself. 


There is also a video on my YouTube channel which you can check out if you want to see how beautiful the resort was. 

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